Mosquitoes Repelling Ointment


General Description: An ointment, made of edible plants, suitable for application on all skin parts, including babies' skin, for repelling of mosquitoes and other insects. Also helps to soothe irritated skin after mosquito bites.



  • Repels insects and parasites.
  • Effective also again sub-skin parasites.


Suggested Ingredients: extracts in palm oil of Helichrysum, Inula viscosa, geranium, and lemongrasses, along with the essential oils of lavender, cypress, pine, lemongrass and ylang ylang.


Usage: Against mosquitoes: Apply thin layer on exposed body parts, before sleep. Against sub-skin parasites: Absorb the Anti-Worms Oil for Adults onto affected body parts 3 times a day, followed by the Mosquitoes Repelling Ointment.


Limitations: None.

Mosquitoes Repelling Ointment - ASFAR 50ml

SKU: 0027
  • Mosquitoes Repelling Ointment

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