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Life Bleaching Powder Violet Anti-Yellow 9 Levels with Pro-Plex Technology - VEGAN 


Pro-Plex Technology Protect Plex

An amino acid blend How does it work? When the Amino acids contained in our formula get in contact with the oxycream developer, they immediately transform into a gel. When amino acids come into contact with the hair, they interact with the structure by penetrating under the cuticles and merging with the shaft giving various cosmetic effects, such as hydration, strengthening of the structure, color protection and repair of surface damage.


Violet Micropigments With anti-yellow effect

Violet micropigments optimise and neutralise undesired yellow tones giving an anti-yellow effect to the hair. Perfect bleaching results up to 9 levels of lift without straining the hair fibre.


Low Ammonia

 Thanks to the low ammonia content, Life Bleaching Powder Violet: Reduces stress on the hair, Preserve the hair structure intact, And avoid hair thinning.


Vegan Formula - 100% Vegan

Our 100% vegan and animal-friendly Life Bleaching Powder Violet does not contain any animal derived nor animal tested raw materials. Vegan Cruelty free. 


Made in Italy 


Life Bleaching Powder - Violet / VEGAN - 500g

SKU: HCZ000751
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