Immune System Boosting Emulsion


General Description: emulsion for the hot tub or shower, helping to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body. Particularly useful in conditions of prolonged or severe inflammation, flu, hepatitis and

other viral diseases.



  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Kills a wide range of bacteria.
  • May appear cause feeling of "spikes of energy" in the body.
  • Stimulates the removal of toxins from the body by perspiration.


Suggested Ingredients: Biblical Hyssop, savory, niaouli, eucalyptus and lemon oils.


Instructions: Shake well before use, add one to two corksfull to worm or hot bath, stay at least 15 minutes

in the water, avoid using soap during the the hot tub treatment. Alternatively, apply the Immune system

boosting emulsion onto the chest and abdomen, and wash after 5 minutes. The treatment is recommended in the evening or at before bedtime. In addition, is recommended to stay indoors at least an hour after treatment because the treatment can cause prolonged perspiration. Drink a few glasses of water after treatment.


Limitations of use: Do not expose the skin to a bright sunlight a few hours after treatment.

For breastfeeding women and children below 10 years of age: use half to a cork per bath.

For pregnant women (fourth month and up): up to three-quarters corkfulls per tub.

Immune system boosting emulsion - MOUNTAIN HYSSOP

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  • Immune system boosting emulsion

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