Skin Regenerating Balm


General Description: ointment balm, helping to regenerate skin, soothe and heal chapped skin, without leaving residual greasiness. Particularly suitable for cuticles, chapped nails, chapped foot skin, and babies' anal areas. Helps to soothe skin affected by eczema or dermatitis.



  • Nourishes and helps to regenerate skin.
  • Smoothens skin & nails.
  • Enhances recovery and skin regeneration.


Suggested Ingredients: extracts in olive oil and in shea butter, as well as the essential oils, of everlasting,

lavender and myrtle (already described in the Bible).


Usage: apply a very small amount and absorb well.


Limitations: None. Useable also for dry skin on babies, and on dry nipples.


Comments: Store in a cool place (below 30 degrees Celsius).

Skin Regenerating Balm - REGALIM 50ml

SKU: 0024
  • Skin Regenerating Balm

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