Surface & Air Disinfecting Spray


General Description: A spray containing plant extracts in water, and various aromatic oils, with a wide range

of disinfectant activities (kills bacteria and fungi, and repels small parasites). Suitable for spraying for disinfection: disinfecting hands following a treatment, disinfecting a room with sick people. May be used to disinfect shoes in severe cases of fungi in feet.


Properties: Prevents the development of a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Has a pleasant odor. Changes the electrostatic properties in the air (increases the anions level). Stimulates metabolism and brain activity (aids in cases of fatigue).


Suggested Ingredients: Against bacteria and fungi: eucalyptus, myrtle, pine. Against fatigue: thyme, lavender, eucalyptus.


Usage: Wash contaminated surfaces with water, then spray onto them. For spraying in the room or onto shoes: press 3-6 times, particularly in the morning.


Limitations: None.

Surface & Air Disinfecting Spray - TAHAR 120ml

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  • Surface & Air Disinfecting Spray

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