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About Us

HealthCare Zone has been in the skincare and beauty cosmetic business since 2008 in Europe.

Starting merely as distributors of skincare and cosmetic products to hair and beauty salons, pharmacies, and selected retailers, HealthCare Zone is a major importer and distributor of high quality Natural, Herbal, Vegan & Organic products from Germany, Italy, Netherland, Morocco, Saudi Arabia & Dead Sea Area.

It’s our way of bringing natural and organic choices to the consumer health market in Europe and worldwide.


Our aim is to enhance customers’ wellness naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service, and to empower them making healthier choices for themselves and their families.

Our Partners

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Our product lines cover the below Categories


  1. Nourishing, Lifting  & Toning

  2. Argan & Prickly Oil

  3. Protecting

  4. Peeling & Scrups

  5. Acne Solutions

  6. Cleansing



  1. Argan & Prickly Oil​

  2. Coloring & Perming

  3. Scalp Care

  4. Stimulate Hair Loss Control

  5. Nourishing Shampoos

  6. Keratin Strengthening

  7. Moisturizers

  8. Styling

  9. Conditioners

  10. Masks

  11. Dandruff Control



  1. Women's Days Cup

  2. Argan & Prickly Oil

  3. Skin Calming & Nourishing

  4. Nails & Cuticles Care

  5. Hand Care

  6. Foot Care

  7. Massage Oil

  8. Body wash

Food Supplement

  1. Dates

  2. Tea

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