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Premium treatment line.
The innovative Bond Care Shampoo and Bond Care 
Mask ensure a superior blonde hair quality and long 
lasting colour results.
Rich in high active ingredients-
Omniplex Tech + Vegetal Keratin
Bond Care Shampoo, with Omniplex Tech and 
Vegetal Keratin, helps to reinforce bonds, while 
cleansing, illuminating and nourishing hair. Perfect 
for all hair types, particularly indicated for colored 
and damaged hair. 
How to use: apply to wet hair, 
massage gently and rinse.


Why is it special?
 Micellar shampoo, ideal for colored hair. 
Gentle formula, SLES/SLS free. 
Acid pH. 
Hair is shiny and nourished.
Bonds are repaired, ideal for damaged hair. 
Omniplex Technology and Vegetal Keratin give supreme smoothness and healthy looking hair. 
Vegan formula. 
Dermatologically tested. 
pH-Balanced technology. 
Fragrance inspired by the blossoming flowers on a breezy spring morning, for long lasting pleasantly scented hair.

Made in Italy


SKU: HCZ000780
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