Nourishing coloring mask enriched with argan oil to give the intensity of the chosen color in 5 minutes. Leaves hair extraordinarily radiant and soft.


Application: after shampooing your head, put the gloves on your hands, apply evenly to the towel-dried hair and emulsify them. Leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.



1. Gentle for hair: no ammonium, no peroxide;

2. Saturated pigment;

3. Instantly animates and enhances color;



1. Delicate and shiny hair. Thanks to argan oil with incomparable moisturizing, firming and antioxidant effect.

2. A tempting aroma: leaves a light aroma of jasmine and tea tree leaves on the hair.

3. Bright, pigmented hair.

4. Fast and easy to use: used after shampoo, like a normal mask.

Farmavita Amethyste Nourishing coloring mask COPPER - for copper shades 250ml

SKU: HCZ000262

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