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FarmaVita Bioxil Lotion in Ampoules for Stimulate Hair Loss Control, 8ml, 1 ampule


Intensive therapeutic agent for preventing hair loss, containing no perfume.


Properties lotion Bioxil manifested through the joint cooperation of the two active ingredients: auxin, which improves the exchange of substances between the hair and scalp (restores Blutwurst circulation) and trimethylxanthine (caffeine), which stimulates the process of life.


This combination of ingredients is ideal for use as a prophylactic agent against hair loss and for aesthetic purposes.


How to use: Before use wash the hair with a special shampoo Bioxil. Massaging the scalp to cause the contents of the ampoule, combing the hair so that the absorbed composition as close as possible to the roots of the hair. Leave to act for a few minutes and begin laying without rinsing hair.



AUX-IN (AUXINA TRICOGENA) - is a plant extract alcohol-based, the main effect of which is stimulating effect on the hair follicles, the normalization of metabolism between the roots of the hair and blood circulation.


Its positive effect on the hair follicle extract carries through the normalization of oxygen exchange between the roots of the hair and blood circulation (blood flow). Unique physiological nutrition hair bulb takes into account the phase sequence of life of the hair.


Anagen (strong growth), catagen (the period of morphological and biochemical decline, peace), Telaga (stop morphological and functional action - loss), caffeine (Trimetilaxantina) - has a stimulating effect, easily absorbed into the skin, improving circulation in the subcutaneous blood capillaries.


Vitamin E has antioxidant effect and protects cells from damage caused by UV rays and free radicals that can slow physiological processes.


This product has a quality certificate.

FarmaVita Bioxil Lotion in Ampoules for Stimulate Hair Loss Control, 8ml

SKU: HCZ000609
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