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Hair strengthening & moisturizing serum


General Description: A mixture of herbal extracts in jojoba oil.



  • provides strength, brightness and volume to the hair.
  • moisturizes and soothes the scalp skin.
  • helps in conditions of psoriasis, seborrhea or eczema of the scalp skin.


Instructions: Scalp: gently impregnate into skin , twice per day. Hair: absorb into hair.


Limitations of use: over the 8 years of age.


Suggested Ingredients: Jojoba oil extracts of everlasting, rosemary, Biblical Hyssop (thyme species),

borage leaves.

Hair Strengthening & Moisturizing Serum - RAAMA 50ml

SKU: HCZ000029
  • Hair strengthening & moisturizing serum

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