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Sleep Inducing Infusion Tea


Properties: This infusion is designed to induce sleepiness.


Usage: Infuse 1 tea bag in 1liter of boiling water, for 20 minutes. Keep in refrigerator. Drink up to 3 glasses per day. When suffering from blood pressure irregularities,measure the blood pressure during the day.


Limitations: People suffering from hypotension, or younger than 13, should not drink more than half a

glass per day. For ages younger than 6, it is not advised. Not for use by pregnant women, or 2 hours before

driving or during driving.


Suggested Ingredients:

White micromeria (Micromeria fruticosa): possesses a mind calming effect. Creates a very refreshing mint flavour.

Passion fruit, Marjoram and Aloysia leaves: possess calming, balancing and

sleep inducing effect.

HALOMIT - Organic Sleep Inducing - 25 Bags

SKU: HCZ000002
  • This infusion is designed to induce sleepiness.

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