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Glossy wax strong hold, 100ml - Defining glossy wax, HD Life Style Farmavita


Wax shine effect, gives a glossy shine to hair strands and makes expressive.

Wax brilliantly gives a radiant effect, strong hold, and is ideal for separating the hair into locks. Delightful aroma composition blackberry, blackcurrant and coconut oil makes hair stronger, and you and everyone around you is banal charm.



Glossy finishing and definition
Iconic wet effect
Easy to use and mold
Vegan formula


How to use:

Works very well on short hair (2-8 cm.) And is ideal for short men's hairstyles. Apply the product on your hands and rub well in hand, then use your fingers to apply on hair.

Tip for curly hair: before applying the wax, divide your hair into strands wrap fingers.



Water Base

The great thing about a water based wax is that it easly washes out. Since it doesn’t hold
as firm as petroleum in your hair, you can re-sculpt or change your hairstyle throughout
the day and easily rinse it out with water once you are done using it for the day.


This product has a quality certificate.

HD - Life Style Defining Glossy Wax, Strong Hold, 100ml

SKU: HCZ000238
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