Matt paste strong fixation, 50ml - Matte paste, HD Life Style Farmavita


Matt paste - a product created based on beeswax, improves texture, and makes hair more volume. Gives a strong, but in this case - with the addition of plastic fixation frosted shade.


Innovative product is ideal for creating the effect of tousled hair. Applied with the fingers.

Works very well on short hair (2-8 cm.) And is ideal for short men's hairstyles.


How to use: Apply the wax on your fingers and processing strand by strand, to form hair, hairstyle modeling conceived.


Tip for curly hair: before applying the wax, divide your hair wrap on the toes. Finishing hair - use a hair dryer.


Council for shine: can be used anywhere to give glowing effect, even on the skin.

HD - Life Style Matte Paste, Strong Fixation 50ml

SKU: HCZ000234

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