Massage Ointment for Joint Pain


General Description: A mixture of herbal extracts in palm oil, along with essential oils, for treating painful joints, spinal cord disc areas, knees, shoulders etc.



- Rich in plant hormones which replace Cortisone without its side-effects.
- Relieves pain within minutes.
- No burning sensation.

- Anti-inflammatory.

Suggested Ingredients: Macerations in palm oil of Withania somnifera, willow leaves, sage, Origanum dayi, lavender and wormwood (already described in the Bible), along with essential oils of Ylang ylang, myrtle (already described in the Bible) and everlasting. Usage instructions: Massage the oil on the painful area for about 15 seconds. Repeat the treatment several times a day if necessary. For rheumatic pain, consider taking the NIKUZIT Detox Infusion for cleansing the body.

Limitations: Do not use during the pregnancy or for children aged below 3.

Comments: May be used interchangeably with the EVRY Local Massage Oil. During labor pains, may be applied on the back.

Massage Ointment for Joint Pain - BARKAN 50ml

SKU: HCZ000034
  • Massage Ointment for Joint Pain

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