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Moroccan Women Eye Kohl, 10g


This is a traditional oriental remedy for decorative eye care and maintenance.
It helps a woman to gain an unforgettable expressive look, and also has therapeutic soothing
Kohl has first of all medicinal properties.
The use of kohl helps to improve vision, relieves eye fatigue, cleans the surface of the eye,
enhances lacrimation (which is also good for the eye), relieves redness.


Due to its high quality and ultra-light grinding, it is easy to apply, lasts a long time on the
eyes, and also provides a visible therapeutic and prophylactic effect.
Relieves the eyes from painful redness and fatigue, inflamed blood vessels.


Kohl has a cleansing and refreshing effect on the eyes, making the whites of the eyes whiter,
healthier, relieving the eyes of dilated red blood vessels.
It relieves the eyes from painful redness and fatigue that occurs after prolonged eye strain,
after using a computer, prolonged reading or strenuous work in stuffy rooms.


How to use a Kohl:
Apply a very small amount to a cotton swab (stick).
Pull back the lower eyelid slightly and apply the powder to the eyelid, trying to spread the
powder all over the eyelid. Pat your eyes so that kohl is distributed over the entire surface of
the eye.
You will feel a burning sensation and tears will start to flow.
This is normal, this is the effect of kohl.
Also, your blood vessels may redden a little, because there is an increase in blood circulation
in the vessels of the eye.
In 5-10 minutes, the unpleasant symptoms will disappear.

It is recommended to do the procedure before bedtime.
You can use dry kohl several times a week.


One package of kohl is enough for dozens and dozens of uses.

Moroccan Women Eye Kohl, 10g

SKU: HCZ000639
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