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Detox Infusion


NIKUZIT - 100% ORGANIC Detox Infusion 25 Bags - Herbs Of Kedem


The usage of the Detox Infusion is recommended during convalescence (helps to eliminate toxins created by viruses and/or bacteria)

Why do I need to detoxify?
The symptoms of toxins in the body may include: Chronic fatigue; Candida infections; nail or skin fungi; eruption of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea; rheumatism; hair loss; ulcers in the mouth; allergies.  If two or more of these symptoms are observed, detoxifying the body should be considered.


The causes for such accumulation of toxins may include:  Stress or trauma; acute hormonal changes; exposure to toxic or allergenic materials (consider adaptation of the diet to the blood type); smoking; obesity; chronic constipation; medications.

The Detox Infusion is a mixture of dry herbs, designed to stimulate liver and kidneys function, thereby enhancing the drainage of toxins from the body. 


The usage of the Detox Infusion is recommended during convalescence (helps to eliminate toxins created by viruses or bacteria); for treatment of chronic problems, such as inflammations or allergies; as an accessory for weight- loss diets (enhances metabolism without irritating the bowels); for hypothyroid problems; for skin and nail psoriasis; for constipation (enhances bile secretion to the intestines); for post-menstrual syndrome problems; for low iron in the blood; for heartburn; for prostate hyperplasia.


Properties: This infusion is designed to enhance liver and kidney functions, so as to help cleanse the body of toxins. The mixture enhances immune system functions. When starting its usage, the urine may frequently appear darker than before, because toxins will start to be releases through the kidneys. 


Pleasant taste (unlike many detox mixtures which are very bitter).


Usage: Infuse 1 sachet in 4 glasses of boiling water, and leave for 20 more minutes without heating. Store in the refrigerator (Can be consumed cold or hot; lemon and sweeteners may be added).


Dosage: Half a glass a day, for two days; one glass a day, for two days; two glasses a day, for two days; three glasses a day, for two weeks. May be resumed after a recess of 4 weeks. Particularly recommended during autumn and spring.


Limitations: People suffering from hypertension, or younger than 13, should not drink more than half a glass per day. For ages younger than 6, it is not advised.

Comments: Drink profusely during the treatment. Additional means for enhancing liver and kidney functions (may be applied between treatments): drinking wheat-grass or barley-grass juice; drinking the juice of raw carrots, beets, and celery stalks; eating artichokes and drinking their cooking-water; drinking parsley juice.


Ingredients: savory species, wheat grass, Etrog peels, sage, Clary sage, nettles, green tea, dandelion, corn hair, Helichrysum italicum, wild pansy, peppermint, stevia. 

NIKUZIT - Organic Detoxifying Infusion - 25 Bags

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  • Detox Infusion

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