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Skin Disinfecting Solution


General Description: A multi-purpose solution, for treating external wounds and burns.



  • Enhances blood-clotting (haemostatic).
  • Relieves pain.
  • Mild on the skin, unlike alcohol or iodine which attack skin cells.
  • Disinfects.
  • Helps to prevent scars.


Usage: Rinse face daily (in the evening). No further rinsing with water is necessary. For acne treatment, the basic treatment (with the ZORI Skin Disinfecting Solution) may be combined with spot treatment of wounds, using the ALMOGAN Single Pimple Treatment Oil.


Suggested Ingredients: extracts in water and 10% alcohol from grapes fermentation, of Clove bud, Wormwood, Savory and Everlasting, along with essential oils of Lavender, Everlasting, Lemon peel and St. John's Wart.

Skin Disinfecting Solution - ZORI, 50ml

SKU: HCZ000037
  • Skin Disinfecting Solution

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