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Virginia Cedar Essential Oil, 10ml


•       Antiacne.
•       Antiseptic.
•       Anti-eczema.
•       Anti-seborrheic.
•       Antimycotic.
•       Anti-edema, water retention draining, venous decongestant, phlebotonic.
•       Facilitates lymphatic draining (lymphotonic).
•       Astringent.
Cosmetic-Therapeutical Use:

•       Acne.
•       Dermatitis.
•       Eczema.
•       Oily skin.
•       Scalp seborrhea.
•       Legs edema, water retention.
•       Poor circulation.
•       Rheumatoid arthritis.
•       Perfect for foot massages on terminally ill people.
•       Lymphatic draining.


How to use:

Dilute one drop of essential oil for each 2ml carrier oil (normal dilution) into a jar.

Stir to get a completely homogeneous mixture. Apply it by a gently massage.

Virginia Cedar Essential Oil, 10ml

SKU: HCZ000724
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